MONDAY, JANUARY  24th         RISING 9TH GRADE WORKOUTS (Mondays and Thursdays 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.)
                                                    Players must be currently enrolled at a Grayson Cluster Middle School to particiate.

February 13th                         SPRING KICKOFF GATHERING

March 31st -  April 8th                 SPRING BREAK

May 2nd                                     SPORT PHYSICALS

TBA                                           SPRING RAM TESTING

May 4th – May 18TH                 SPRING PRACTICE  

Parents do not pick up your player at the house after practice. You need to park in the teacher parking lot at the front of the school and your player will walk up to you after practice.  Please do not go down the hill or into the gravel lot.  The only exception is if you are the Tuesday Popsicle Person(s)-you need to go park in the gravel lot and meet the players as they come off the practice field.  This is a big safety issue.

Rising 9th grade parents please drop your player off to practice at the top of the hill and let them walk down. Do not drive down the hill. Best way is the pull into the teacher parking lot and let them out.

Parents should not be in the field house.  If you must be in the field house, you need to stay in the foyer by the chairs.  Do not wait for your player inside the field house.


Friday's Green and Gold Game will have a $5.00 admission and concession stand will be open.  Look for the sign up email on website under Touchdown Club/ Volunteer.

THURSDAY, MAY 17th                  SPRING SCRIMMAGE

Scrimmage Game will have a $5.00 admission and concession stand will be open. Scrimmage is at 7:30pm. We need several volunteers for this Friday's Scrimmage game.  Look for the sign up email on website under Touchdown Club/ Volunteer.                           

Wednesday, May 23rd              LAST DAY OF SCHOOL                                                

June 4th - 29th                      JUNE SUMMER WORKOUTS
(Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 8:00am -11:00am) Roll call at 7:50am

June 9th – June 13th              HODGES OFFENSIVE CAMP

June 15th                              Corky Kell 7v7

July 1st – 8th                       GHSA - NO CONTACT PERIOD                              

July 9th - 20th                  JULY SUMMER WORKOUTS 
(Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays & Fridays 8:00am -11:00am) Roll call at 7:50am

July 10th - 12th                           GHS YOUTH FOOTBALL CAMP HOSTED BY GAA

TBA                             Community Clean Up Day at our Stadium  (8am-Noon)
Need everyone helping. Need weed eaters, blowers, lawn movers, hedge clippers etc... Also, Senior Mom's, the G's leading into the field house need touching up. We will work on those as well.

Saturday, July 14th                 PICTURE "MEDIA" DAY
Start time 8am. This will be both team and individual pictures that will be used in the Media Guideand Website.  Everyone will have to take a picture even if you are not buying a package. Seniors will also take their family pictures this day.  Immediately following pictures, Seniors will be going to our various Sponsors around town to take pictures for the Media Guide. We will need some Senior Parents to help us with this.                   

Wednesday, July 25TH              FALL PRACTICE BEGINS
Starting Monday practice will be Monday through Friday from 8-11am. Wednesday, July 25th will be the 1st day of acclimatization and will last 5 days.  Per GHSA all players MUST be in attendance and complete all 5 days. If they miss a day they will not be able to start in pads on Wednesday, August 1st.                                                     

MONDAY, AUGUST 6th                 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL


           (All dates and times are subject to change. Team grade representative will email updates as needed.)