Welcome to Grayson High School Football Mom’s Club

Grayson High School Mom’s Club exists to provide support to our players and the coaching staff.   Our goal is to get everyone involved so we can continue to make Grayson Football a successful program.  Volunteering in Mom’s club is a great way to show your GRAYSON PRIDE, get to know other football moms and make some memories with and for your son.

All players Freshmen through Seniors benefit from what we do in Mom’s Club.

Activities the Mom Club does and needs the help from Volunteers are:

  • Assist as needed in Parent Meetings.
  • Organize and provide food for Spring Games.
  • Purchase and hand out Popsicles after practice every Tuesday.
  • Assist with Picture Day.
  • Special activities and treats during Homecoming Week.
  • Special activities and treats during Senior Week.
  • Help with National Signing Day.
  • Pick up food, serve, and clean up pregame meals for Freshmen/JV every Thursday.
  • Pick up food, serve, and clean up pregame meals for Varsity every Friday.
  • Donate desserts and chips for Freshmen/JV  pregame meals every Thursday.
  • Organize and provide additional meals during Play Off time.
  • Coaches’ Meals on Sunday.
  • Plan and Decorate for both Freshmen and JV/Varsity Banquets.

Anyone is welcomed to be a part of Mom’s Club. Dads, grandmas, aunts, uncles are all encouraged to volunteer and use their talents to better our program.  If you would like more information on what we do or how you can volunteer please contact your class representative or see our Volunteer tab on the website.  We have a place for everyone!



Stephanie Clements

Grade Representatives
12th grade –
Stephanie Clements
11th grade – Anne Williams
10th grade – Tamara Innis
9th grade – Vacant

We need everyone’s participation in the program to make it an awesome experience for our boys. If you have suggestions or concerns, please email Stephanie Clements @ graysonmomsclub@gmail.com.