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$10,000 Power Drawing


The GHS Touchdown Club is proud to announce our

first Power Drawing Event for the GHS Football Program on

Saturday, August 9th from 6-9pm

Grayson HS Commons Area

Join us for dinner, door prizes, silent auction and a chance to win $10,000!

Tickets are $100 and ONLY 300 WILL BE SOLD!

Tickets can be bought by an individual or split amongst family and friends.


Look for opportunities to purchase Power Drawing tickets at

Bay Creek Park on Thursday, 7/24 from 7pm – 8:30pm near the football field;

Or contact Larry Grizzle at the GHS Fieldhouse at 770-554-7220; or

Pam Taylor at 404-304-8640.


You do not have to be present to win the $10,000 GRAND PRIZE;

however, you must be present to win the door prizes.


We look forward to seeing you on August 9th when we give away $10,000!



Grayson High School Power Drawing Rules

1.     Maximum of 300 tickets to be sold. There will be 5 wild cards made available the night of the auction when we are at the 150 mark. When a wild card is drawn it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with bids starting at $100 and placed back into the hopper. Any wildcard not sold will be discarded.

2.     No limits to the number of tickets any one person can buy.

3.     Maximum grand prize of $10,000.

4.     Two or more people can jointly own a ticket(s). It is the responsibility of Grayson High School Touchdown Club to pay any winnings to the name(s) on the ticket only, The GHS Touchdown club has no responsibility to any party or parties whose interest is not reflected on the ticket.

5.     On the night of the drawing as each ticket is drawn, that ticket is no longer eligible for the final cash prize. However the 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th and 250th ticket drawn will be given a door prize. If the 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th and 250th ticket holders are not present, the door prize will be given to the next ticket drawn.

6.     The first ticket drawn that evening will go directly into the final 10.

7.     Special items may be available for silent auction during the power drawing. Those items will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Once a bid is written down it cannot be retracted. All purchases are final. After each item is auctioned and sold, the name of the buyer will be attached to the item and the funds will be collected by GHS Touchdown Club at the end of the event.

8.     When the last 10 tickets remain, holders of the tickets will be asked to come to stage. Each will be given the opportunity to split the grand prize. ALL MUST AGREE. Each is worth $1000.  A person holding one or more tickets will receive his/her per ticket share. The opportunity to split will not be offered again until only 5 tickets remain. When 5 tickets remain, holders will again be given the opportunity to equally split the grand prize. At this point, each ticket is worth $2000.  If all do not agree then the drawing continues. From this point on, the option to split will be offered after each ticket is drawn until all remaining ticket holders split or one final winner is drawn. If a ticket holder is not present, or cannot be reached, it is assumed that the ticket holder would not agree to split the prize.

9.     Auction Option for Final 10 Ticket Holders: If no one splits the prize money, each person holding a ticket(s) is given the opportunity to auction his/her ticket to the audience or other final ten ticket holders.  10% of the auction value will go to the TDC.

10.  Person(s) acting in any improper manner will be escorted from the premises without a refund.

11.  Individuals do not have to be present to win the grand prize. However, individuals must be present to win any door prize that must be given away. If individual(s) or ticket stub is not present, the door prize will be given to the next present ticket holder that is drawn.

12.  GHS Touchdown Club will be in charge of all monetary transactions. *The “holder” does not have to be the owner (i.e. purchaser) of the ticket: the holder may represent the owner throughout the drawing, but the grand prize or any split of the grand prize will be paid to the owner(s) only. The owner(s) of a ticket is (are) determined by the name(s) on the ticket.



To Purchase Tickets, please contact Larry Grizzle in the GHS Field House at 770-554-7220 or Pam Taylor at 404-304-8640.




This Saturday, July 26th Magic Moments Photography will be at the high school stadium for our Picture Day / Media Day. There will be NO make-ups so please make every effort to be there Saturday.  Your son must be present Saturday for his picture to be in the 2014 Media Guide.  Envelopes were handed out last night at the meeting, but they will also be available on Saturday.  


Please send your child to have pictures taken even if you do not plan to purchase pictures.


If you want to purchase pictures, payment is expected on Saturday.  The pictures are typically handed out after practice the first or second week of school.  


With the exception of Senior Parent pictures, checks for pictures should be made payable to the Grayson Touchdown Club.  Senior Parent pictures are paid directly to Magic Moments Photography.


Seniors need to arrive at the high school at 6:45am to get their uniforms.  Seniors and their families will start with pictures on the football field between 7:00 - 7:15 am *Seniors - please plan to stay after all pictures in order to visit local businesses featured in the Media Guide for the fun shots in front of their businesses.  Seniors should be done no later than 2 - 3 pm.  


10th and 11th grade players need to report to the field house at 7:00am to get their equipment and report to the tunnel by7:45am.


9th grade players need to report to the field house no later than 8:15am to get their equipment and report to the wall near the tunnel by 8:40am.


Unless instructed otherwise by Coach Conn, please make sure your son has black socks and cleats – the rest will be provided at the school (jersey, shoulder pads, helmet and pants).


Please have your son at the high school on time.  This is a very busy day for our program and in order for it to run efficiently, we have to stay on schedule. 


See schedule below:

Picture and Media Day

Saturday, July 26, 2014


6:45am         Senior Players Arrive / get equipment


7:00am         11th and 10th grade arrive and dress


7:15am         Senior pictures on FB field with parents

                    Senior players do Heisman Pose


7:45am         Seniors, 11th and 10th meet in tunnel

                              Seniors up front (no helmets) with Coach Conn

                              10th and 11th (wearing helmets) fill in behind seniors into tunnel


8:15am         Varsity and JV team pictures on bleachers

                    9th graders arriving, getting in uniforms, meeting near home side bleachers


8:30am         Senior Cheerleaders arrive and meet near mid-field for varsity to finish their bleacher picture. 

While JV is getting their picture, senior football and senior cheerleaders are getting shot together for the media guide cover.


8:45am         9th grade picture in bleachers for team pictures

                    Coach Benton will let us know when they are all in line.


9:00am         Media Guide Cover Shot - Senior Football and Senior Cheerleaders


Varsity and JV report to the field for position shots, weight class, etc.


9:00am         9th grade line up alphabetically for their mug shots in the strength center

After mug shots, they should go to corner of the field to wait for their portrait shot (these are the pictures purchased by the family)

After portrait, 9th graders are free to go.


10:00am       Varsity and JV line up outside strength center for mug shots.  Line up BY GRADE then ALPHABETICALLY.

After mug shots, 10th and 11th should go to corner of the field to wait for their portrait shot (these are the pictures ordered by the family)

After portrait, 10th and 11th graders are free to go.


After mug shots, seniors will go to business for their photos for media guide.




If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me.


Thank you!

Pam Taylor

Mom’s Club



Summer workouts:

Varsity and JV - 7:30 am - 10:30 am
Rising 9th - 9:30 am - 11:30 am


GOLD SEATS:  As a token of our appreciation for all the support over the years, we are offering our GOLD SEATS for the 2014 season for $25 per seat. It DOES NOT include the ticket at the gate. You will be able to enjoy a nice flip up stadium chair to watch the RAMS. You will also have a reserved seat and can also select the seat. You can get your friends together and request seats next to each other. We have been selling these seats for $50 for a long time. We have a lot of new people in the program and more new ones on the way. It is an exciting time for Grayson Football and we want to invite you to the GOLD SEAT SECTION! Please send email to Charlie Conn cdcbama1@bellsouth.net to reserve your seats.


 Emissions Test for $10.00 - contact Jenny Brice @ jennybrice@bellsouth.net  (Knights Auto)


OFF SEASON TRAINING - 7th and 8th grade will need a Middle school consent form on file at the high school- *** CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM

Game DVD's are still available to be picked up or purchased. Contact Brian McGugan at mcrams@comcast.net to set up time to pick up DVD.


      *** Watch "Varsity Highlight Video" on YouTube

 *** Watch "Grayson High School Football - Senior Night" on YouTube

 *** Juniors/Seniors Click Here for Transcript Release Form (recruiting purposes).

 *** Watch "Grayson High School Football - Youth Night" on YouTube


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Photo provided by Richard Craine 

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